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Glee 'I Am Unicorn' Recap!

Okay, where to begin! If you love Glee and tuned into the third seasons second episode called 'I Am Unicorn' last night, then you know as well as I do that allot happened that just has to be mentioned. I mean Shelby, Beth, Quinn, Puck, Brittany, Rachel, and Klaine. So much is happening and it's all happening so fast!


Brittany, Brittany, Brittany. You sweet and slightly naive girl, you are just the best thing to ever happen to Glee and I can say that with the utmost confidence. Yes, you may be slightly dim and occasionally a little catty, but anyone who can make probably the best inspirational speech ever using unicorns is a genious. (Santana told you so herself!) I would totally root for you in the McKinley High election if I could.

Shelby, I have been waiting for her return for over a year since the end of the first season. First she abandons her daughter then she adopts, said daughters biggest enemy's baby. Now she's back coaching a new glee club at McKinley high and Rachel, Puck, and Quinn are highly effected. 

Puck, was such a sweetheart last night. He was so excited to see his little girl and he even made up an animal for her, a clown pig. He wanted Beth from the start and now he finally has his chance to get to really know her. Quinn, started the episode by being her "skanky" self, but then after being told the truth by Mr. Shue and Shelby she "transformed", into good girl Quinn again. Only to find out 10 seconds later that she just willing to scheme her way to getting her baby back. Rachel, 'Somewhere' was beautiful. I must say no more, you are still the most perfect part of Glee and I still love your character the most.

Kurt, 'I'm The Greatest Star' was brilliant. It's unfortunate that he was deemed "too gay" for the part, but at least he had his dad, and the genious that is Brittany to help him realize that being "too gay" is not a bad thing and to just be himself. Blaine, may just be the sweetest boyfriend ever, his song was kind of forgettable to me, but the fact that he didn't want to take away from Kurt was just too sweet. Mr. Shue, I hate his character and I think he is a horrible teacher but last night Quinn being told to grow up was necessary. So I liked him just a smidge last night.Finn, I haven't seen much of him yet, and I would like to keep it that way. He's more likeable when he's not around being a total douche. 

~Next Week's Episode~

Next weeks episode is called 'Asian F' and in it we will be meeting Mike's parent's, who are highly disappointed in Mike's A- a.k.a "Asian F", don't approve of Tina, and want him to quit glee club. Mercedes and Rachel are about to battle it out for the lead in the school musical and one of them is going to end up being very hurt, so hurt that they will be ending the episode with a shocking announcement to the rest of the glee club. (I personally think Mercedes is quitting, because the fourth episode is supposed to be her episode) AND the run for class president will begin with Kurt going against Brittany. What I'm most excited for on next weeks episode 'Asian F' is one of the songs that they will be covering in the episode, is probably the best song in all existence, you may know it...

Coldplay-Fix You

I mean if there was ever a song to just break down and sob over, THIS is THAT song! And keep in mind Glee wanted to cover Coldplay before, but they couldn't get permission and now after two seasons they finally got the okay. They could not have picked a better song.

Apparently a whole mess of critics have already gotten to see the episode today, and they have been posting reviews like crazy about how it may just be the best episode Glee has ever done. It's gonna leave the audience balling like babies, and I'm already excited to see it. To see 'Asian F' reviews and sneak peaks visit Watch With Kristin and TV Line. I know they've only shown two episode so far, but already I love this season best. You can really tell that there is a different vibe to the show and it's great. 

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