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Get a Blackberry Playbook (16GB) For Only $249.99 ~!

Blackberry Playbook

If you are like me and have been wanting a tablet then I have a great deal to share. I noticed that 1SaleaDay has this item on sale today for $299...BUT that's not the one I mean. Staples has a better sale in store. 

If you look here you will see Staple's sale on this same playbook which priced at $499 and then down to $299.99 after the instant coupon and the $100 mail-in-rebate but for some reason in store this item is priced at $449.99 which comes out to $249.99 after both discounts. I have NO IDEA why the different price online and in store, but I know it's for sure because BF just bought 3 of them. He purchased one for me and him on Sunday, the store was out of them so they arrived via mail and got here today. Then yesterday he went and bought one more to take to Mexico with him. 

He paid the $449 for all three, got the $100 instant savings and now has three $100 rebates coming, so our final cost per playbook was an amazing $249.99. For a tablet with such great reviews, that can be linked to a blackberry phone, with two cameras--one camera in front that is 3 MP and the one in back that is 5MP as well as a HD video camera that takes incredible videos. All this plus of course the apps and the speed for only $249...that was a pretty amazing deal, so if you have been wanting to get one I suggest you go to Staples this week. And don't buy from 1SaleaDay, they have the most horrible customer service and the price is higher anyways. Let me know if you have any questions!! 

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