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Friends on Nick at Nite -- Really Are We That Old??

So Nick at Nite has started airing Friends as a part of their line up and while I did watch the show for a while just a couple of years ago, I haven't seen much of it since then. Does this make anyone else feel old? I remember when Nick at Nite was for shows likeHappy Days or The Brady Bunch and now Friends, a show that ended it nearly eleven year run only 7 years ago is being sent to Nick at Nite. Is it already that much of old news, because I do recall Friends being a very huge deal. The show is being aired for a couple of hours every night now, and while I had already seen every episode at least twice, I'm still loving them and laughing at them every time. How can anyone not forget the epic romance that was Ross and Rachel, the funny and not so smart Joey, The Bing's, and the uniqueness that is Phoebe? 

Plus who could forget some of the colorful characters that surrounded our favorite friends like Janice, Gunther, Estelle, Ursula, Mike, The Geller's, and Richard.  They were all so great and every episode could make you laugh. I mean did they ever have a bad season?! I've debated over which was my favorite character quite frequently and while it's ranged from Monica to Joey to Rachel, I've found most recently that Ms. Buffay is actually quite the comedian... 

I can definitely see why she won the first Emmy to be awarded to an individual cast member. Who's your favorite character and if you have one whats your favorite episode?

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Michael Offutt said...

Friends was good while it lasted. These old shows gotta find a place somewhere. Friends, Seinfeld, and Frasier...ayep. I saw them once...I never rewatch. There's just too much good stuff on. Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Raising Hope...and then as far as t.v. shows go we have 1) Bones 2) House 3) Game of Thrones 4) The Walking Dead 5) Alphas 6) Breaking Bad 7) Fringe 8) The Clone Wars cartoons on cartoon network 9) Season 7 of Supernatural... Who on earth has time to go back and watch some rerun/has been?