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A Few Tips To Help Prevent Razor Bumps ~!

Razor bumps can be quite a head ache and getting rid of them so hard. I've been dealing with razor bumps or ingrown hairs every since I was a teen and now as a mom of 4 grown girls I am still going through it. There are a few tricks that I have learned to help prevent the unsightly red bumps, which is easier than getting rid of them once you have them. 

First of all changing your razor frequently so that you are using a sharp and fresh blade always helps. With a sharper blade you will go over your skin less times and will cause less irritation. Also, don't leave your razor in the shower! My girls do this all the time and they get rusted very quickly. Instead store them in a dry area.

I recommend shaving while under a warm shower. Warm water helps soften and relax the hair and at the same time opens up the pores. If you are just shaving with no shower, you can put a warm wash cloth on your legs for a few minutes before shaving. If you are shaving the bikini area, then definitely take time to do this step as this is a more sensitive area.

Shave in the direction the hair is growing and never dry shave! I used to do this all the time when I was in a rush, but it's a big no-no. Just take the few extra minutes to soften the hair with warm water then use a shaving gel that you trust. In my experience it doesn't even have to be an expensive brand, just one that helps soften the hair. After shaving don't use an after shave treatments with alcohol, try finding an all natural solution that will soothe instead of irritate. 

If you have existing razor bumps, don't pick at them. Very much like acne a razor bump will only become more irritated and can even get infected if you mess around with it. Then the next time try a few of my tips and hopefully you will find that they help!

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