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Coastal Contacts - Received my $10 Glasses In Less Than A Week ~!

On Sept 6th I let you all know about the promotion that Coastal  (Coastal Contacts) was having that day. They were running a special promotion where all you had to pay was an amazing $10 for single vision prescription glasses including shipping.  I placed my order that day on Sept 6 and by Friday the 9th I got an email that they had shipped out. Three days...amazing!!

 LTDE 1069 Black/Silver $68 pair of glasses and paid $10. 

Payment Information:

Coupon Discount:                $80.32
Order Total:            $10.00
Paid By:                        PayPal Express
Date Paid:                      Sep 6, 2011 1:58:50 PM

Monday I received my little box (less than a week after order) and I was super excited to see them. They arrived in a very sturdy blue case, that also included a draw string bag for hanging and a little tool kit including a cleaning cloth and screw driver.  Very nice presentation...they totally did not skimp on this because of the sale.

The glasses are gorgeous! High quality and very trendy and cool :)
Nothing here cheap either and the prescription is perfect too.

I usually get thick plastic frames so this is the first pair of metals I own. They are really comfortable and feel nice and light.

They look pretty cool too I think... and I am already drooling for these other frames. The good thing is that Coastal is always running specials, I even got a coupon for a free pair of glasses for a friend. Soooo the moral of this story is-- if you need prescription glasses, go and see Coastal.!!!

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