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The CardiWrap by Kymaro Review ~!

The CardiWrap by Kymaro is the perfect gift for women looking to get the high fashion look for less.  Available in seven colors, the CardiWrap is a garment that can quickly and easily be converted into over 50 figure fixing styles designed to flatter any body type.   Available for $49.95, it can be worn as a shawl, scarf, dress, cardigan, wrap - the options are limitless!  The CardiWrap can be purchased at https://buycardiwrap.comThe CardiWrap by Kymaro is an exciting garment to say the least. We didn't realize until review time that we didn't have the accessories kit that helps you tie it and arrange it in different styles. Still we enjoyed being able to put a few different looks for you here so you can see just how incredibly versatile this really is. The actual CardiWrap is a thick and heavy especially when compared to the cardigans the girls already own, which are almost paper thin. The CardiWrap is long, thick and a very good quality, which means it will not need to be replaced for a long time. 

Our first look is almost a turtle-neck. We tied it at the back and it just looked like a very sleek top that you would wear to the office. This was my favorite part about it, having worked in an office to so many years I know how hard it is having to change your look daily without having to spend a bundle. With the CardiWrap you get so many high end, professional looks, perfect for the office.

 The second look is the cardigan. The most basic of all the styles you can achieve with the CardiWrap, it is a bit long as you can see which makes it perfect for wearing with heels. Tie a belt around your waist and that will completely change the look.

For this third look we just crossed the ends to the back. This is another sleek, very clean look that could be worn to the office, dinner, or a night out with the girls. Without the tank she was wearing underneath this would be a top that would really enhance and show off a bit of cleavage. This look is a fun off-the-shoulder blouse that looks really cute. I've seen many tops like this and always liked the way that you have the long sleeves but at the same time you are showing the shoulders off. It's almost a bit messy looking, but that is what makes it fun.

We were beginning to lose the light and had time for only one more look and Nessa put together a really good one that left us asking if she was really wearing the same item. 
Introducing the CardiWrap dress! 

We were seriously surprised at how pretty this look came out. She wrapped the wrap around her and tied the arms around her neck. Would I have seen her wearing this out, I would never have guessed that this is the Cardiwrap by Kymaro. Dress it up by adding some heels and accessories for a night out dining or dancing, or dress it down with some sandals and a big floppy summer hat. So many ways to show this one off!

These are just a few of the looks you can achieve with the CardiWrap by Kymaro, we can't wait to find more looks on our own and follow some of Kymaro's too! This piece is a great investment and can really go a long way in stretching out your wardrobe. With the CardiWrap only costing $49.99 you will end up paying $1 per look, and that is pretty incredible. 

This review is part of the Kymaro Blog Tour.

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