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Boy Scouts of America

This post brought to you by Boy Scouts of America. All opinions are 100% mine.

Next  month we are taking Angel to his first Boy Scouts of America meeting. The Boy Scouts is the largest organization in the US that teaches boys educational activities and values.  Being a Boy Scout or a Cub Scout  can help boys is so many ways, from brining them out of their shells, to relieving boredom at home and most importantly by getting them out there into the real world where next to other boys their age they can experience and learn skills and activities that will be with them for the rest of their lives.

A very important aspect of Scouting is that they embrace the role of family have activities that gets everyone involved. For us that is important because even though Scouting will help him become more independent, we still want to be a part of it and want to share as many activities with him as we can. Because we are all women, Scouting will also help us learn more activities to do with him that he will really enjoy.

With child hood obesity being such a growing problem in the United States, Boy Scouts offers many activities that will get kids away from the television and video games. They are also taught about eating healthier foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Teaching healthy living at such a young age means that there is more of a chance that it will stick with them and that they will live a healthier and more active life. 

Going to school especially as a school year just began can be stressful for many kids. That is why being in Scouting can give a child confidence and improve his comfort level around other children. Having so many activities to do with the Scouts will also give them a place to release all the stress from school.

Boy Scouts of America offers our youth a chance to be in on the adventure of life. They will learn and do so many things that will be ingrained in them forever and set a good foundation for the future. With the winning combination of fun and learning Boy Scouts of America is a great organization that is always there for our youth, and it is really easy to get them started on being part of it.  To learn more about the Scouts visit this link, Be A Scout .

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