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BF Wants to Retire to a Florida Golf Course Community ~!

While I have my dreams of one day retiring to Hawaii my BF lives for another dream. Some years ago a friend introduced him to golf and it's become a passion for him. He dreams of one day retiring to one of those amazing Florida Golf Course Communities where he could literally live and breathe golf, all day-every day. Especially these past years since his sales are down and he hasn't had too much down time or extra money for playing, he talks about how one day he will be able to golf all day, with no worries about time. After spending so much of his life working to the bone, he wants to retire in style and in a place where he can pursue his great love of golf.

Though it's not my first choice I can totally see myself being happy in Florida though, and those golf communities are so incredible. It would be like living in a luxury resort, with so many amenities right outside our front door. For once we would have a filled up calendar, with dancing, dining and beach events to attend! Yes, it sounds pretty incredible and because it's Florida I know the girls would love getting to visit and bring the babies around to see us. UGH, retirement, that means that I am going to be an old lady, but I will be a very happy old lady!

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