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Tips For Changing a Squirmy Baby's Diaper ~!

I got really lucky with Sammy, she was such a good baby and changing her diaper was never hard. In fact she loved diaper changing time and would lay back and enjoy the cleaning process. But what happens when you have a little bugger that refuses to let anyone put a fresh diaper on? Our little Anthony is a squirmer, and a fighter and he's already so strong that getting him cleaned up and a new diaper on him, is quite a mission. He will fight you all the way through and more often than not, you will end up covered in diaper cream and peed on. Here are some tips that we have been using with him that have helped us get him changed faster and with minimal casualties.

Having a changing area designated is very helpful. We keep it clear of anything that can be ruined or soiled. We also keep everything that is needed in the same area, diapers, wipes, diaper cream, washcloths and an extra change of clothes.

Hang a mobile on top. There is a colorful mobile hanging on top of the changing table in bright colors, Anthony is still very young but he now focuses on things and sometimes will stare at the mobile and forget to fight the changing.

Make changing time very relaxed. Nothing stresses Anthony more than other kids yelling and screaming or a loud TV playing. So when it's time to change him only one of us goes in and closes the door to keep the other kids out. Talking to him soothingly and quietly while cleaning him also relaxes him and keeps him from wanting to fight so much. 

Try the new quick-change Little Movers Slip-On Diapers from Huggies. These new diapers make is easy to change active squirmy babies. Just slip-on the diaper and release. When it's time to take it off the tabs make it easy to remove and dispose. Like all Huggies these have the Huggies Leak Lock System so even the most active of babies will stay fresh and clean.

Have a pacifier at the ready. Anthony always seems to get hungry when it's changing time so we always have his pacifier ready. In reality he hates the darn thing and refuses to take it most of the time but it helps him calm down just a bit while we rush to change and can get his bottle to him.

If the pacifier, mobile or relaxing atmosphere are not working the last trick is a distraction. It can be a squeaky toy or a colorful one. Someone will dangle it and get him to try to interact with it while another tries to change the diaper before another shot of pee flies through the air. As he gets older we will have some toys that he can hold and play with on his own and that should help a lot.

Diaper changing time is not a favorite of ours but it's inevitable and all we can do is try to make is as fuss free and easy as possible. We will be trying the new  Little Movers Slip-On Diapers from Huggies soon too and look forward to faster diaper changes. 

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