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Selling or Buying a Home in This Economy?

A few years ago, right when the economy was beginning to take a dive I had to sell my home. It was just like it is now, a terrible time to sell. Not only was the inventory of homes huge with so many people trying to get out of contracts, but I had to sell for so much less than I still owed on the mortgage. Had I been buying a home then or now instead of selling, that would have been a completely different story. It's a buyers market and right now, while a lot of people are suffering under the strain and trying to get out of their overpriced homes with high interest rates others are getting these homes at rock bottom prices with low rates. We have some friends that just purchased a 500K home for under 150K in the same area where our home was, of course I am trilled for them but I can't lie and say it didn't sting more than a bit.

Had I been wiser or maybe had some sound advice from a realtor I would have waited to buy a home. A large inventory of incredible homes, amazingly low prices, historically low mortgage rates and the huge discounts that builders are offering buyers make this the perfect time to buy a home for your family or to invest in property. I guess I just have to chalk it up to lessoned learned, and know that next time I want to buy a home, I need to talk to a professional realtor first.

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