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Protecting the Family With Life Insurance!!

Did you know that 50% off Amecian's are under insured? Being a single mom, I have to make sure that I keep my family protected, from the unexpected as well as from the every day occurences. There are steps that I have taken to ensure that my girls do not get lost in the shuffle, should something happen to me.

Life insurance: This is something that I got over 10 years ago. First I got a policy with my job but then after losing that job and having a hard time transferring the policy over, I got one with another independent company. I pay my deductible every month and know that if I happen to have an accident or pass away, my kids will have some money to pay for my burial plus a balance left to help them with their education costs.

Burial Insurance: I have been getting quotes on an insurance specifically for burial costs. My mom has this and it has been a big relief to know that her burial will not be a burden on us, this is what made me realize that I have to look into getting the same thing. That way all of my life insurance will be whole and can be split between my kids.

Have a little nest egg tucked away: we have a small savings account that grows a bit every month. This is our rainy day /emergency fund. This little fund is the one that gets us out of jams, whether it be a broken down car to an emergengy trip to the dentist, we have this small account when we are in a jam. Even when I am gone the girls know that the money borrowed from it has to be put back plus more so it can always be there the next time they need it.

Another really important insurance we will never go without is car insurance. I have never been in an accident, yet I know plenty of people who have and had no insurance. The costs associated with an accident are huge compared to the small monthly payment you pay your insurance company. 

It's important to protect your home, your vehicles and mostly you life, with the right insurance company. Especially when you have kids, you want to make sure that the day you are not here they have something to move on with. It's like giving them a fighting chance, and a better lease on life.

I know that in times of economical stress it becomes hard to pay the deductibles but if you add up what you pay per month against all of what having that coverage means for your family, you see how much it is worth it. That is why every month I get all my insurance paid and why at night I can sleep a bit better knowing that my family is protected.

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Michael Offutt said...

Yeah you gotta have insurance. Otherwise you're running risks on both your life and on your loved ones. It's appalling how much it costs to bury someone.