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Olivia Princess For A Day Review ~!

Olivia: Princess For A Day
Available on DVD on Sept. 6, 2011
Suggested Retail Price of $16.99

Olivia, a little girl with an imagination that's larger then life is back and with a whole new list of adventures! Sammy absolutely adores Olivia. The show used to be a constant in the house when we had the Nick Jr. channel but after we switched cable companies we hardly ever saw her again. So right after we got the DVD open I was forced to endure it for on a rotation for 24 hours straight. Sammy certainly has missed her. Olivia's  constant ideas, adventures, problem solving, and mishaps are always fun to watch and Sam likes to problem solve right along with her. Everyday can be an adventure for Olivia and all her viewers too!

This movie really is a great value. For just $16.99, you get one DVD with eight episodes, plus a bonus episode, "Olivia Plans A Tea Party". Any fan of Olivia will be thrilled to get this title!! 
Right now you can pre-order a copy on Amazon for only $13.99!

Olivia: Princess for a Day Episode Synopses:

Olivia: Princess for a Day (Double Length Episode) Olivia trades places with a princess fora day when she meets a visiting Princess and they realize that they look almost exactly alike.

Olivia’s Tip Top Tapper Olivia hurts her leg on the eve of her big tap dance recital.

Olivia’s Old West Treasure Hunt While on a field trip to an Old West town, Olivia leads a treasure hunt to find the missing key to the school bus.

Olivia Becomes a Chef Olivia has to keep mom out of the kitchen while she prepares her a surprise birthday meal - a dinner with all red food!

Olivia Plays Hotel There seems to be a strange guest at Olivia’s make-believe hotel – could it really be a ghost, or is it her brother Ian just playing tricks on Olivia and her friends?

Olivia’s Fashion Show Olivia is determined to put on her own fabulous fashion show, but her models (her brother Ian and her friends Francine and Julian) are difficult.

Olivia Goes International Olivia has trouble deciding on a country to represent for her class’s International Day so she invents her own.

Olivia Paints a Mural A trip to the museum inspires Olivia’s artistic talents, if only she can find a big enough space.

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