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New Laptop ~!

So sorry for my  laptop finally had enough of it's harsh 24 hour a day use and decided to overheat one too many times. The good thing was that Jack had hers and has been helping promote but all the giveaways were at a standstill...til now! 

Ooooh and I am exctied, this Toshiba (love Toshiba, the last one really took a beating and was always so good about it) is a lot fancier than my last and has a lot more space, so I can get more work done faster. We got a really good deal, only $399 at Staples. It wasn't exactly in my budget or even planned, not with all the extra expenses we have lately. But this is where BF is such a good guy, he saw I needed one and put it on his credit card. It just took him forever to find the right one because he is such an "analyzer". He can't even buy socks without having to go to every store and compare (slight exaggeration). 

So, okay --time to get back to work! Tons of emails to 
sort and giveaways to post. 


barbara.montyj said...

Wow good for you!
I finally replaced my desktop (hard drive issues) and got a laptop.
Mine's also a Toshiba, the first for me.
I love it!

MikiHope said...


Jesse M said...

Thanks for sharing. I don't have a laptop - but have really been looking for one right now, would love to get a Mac, but will never have the money for it. Can you tell me more about the one you got? Looks like a great deal. Does it do a lot of multi-tasking well?? I tend to have about 20 tabs/windows open at a time along with pictures/videos and need something that will keep up.