Getting My Kids To Eat More Fuits and Veggies ~! #CleverSubwayLA - Sammy Makes Six

Getting My Kids To Eat More Fuits and Veggies ~! #CleverSubwayLA


Thanks to SUBWAY® restaurants for sponsoring my post about summer fun with my kids. Check out the Kids Eat Free program at any LA area location! Just purchase any two subs, two sides and two drinks, and you can get a kid’s meal FREE!

With our busy lives, making sure that the kids all get their daily recommended allowance of fruits and vegetables is not easy. I am the first to admit that we are a fast food family and have been ever since my older girls were really little. Pizza, hamburgers, Mexican food and of course Chinese food (my favorite). We love us some fast food and are used to eating this every time we got out, which is of course very unhealthy. So when it's time to put down the cheeseburger and eat something with some veggies and fruits, how do I do it?

Buy fruits by the pallet...well maybe not by the pallet but every shopping trip includes plenty of fruit. Yesterday Jack went and brought back; pears, apples, oranges, 2 cantaloupes and 3 pounds of everyone's favorite, grapes. Wash those up and leave them within easy access and soon the girls will find their way to the fruit bowl. Sometimes they are hungry and are too lazy to make something so they grab an apple or a pear, or maybe they just need a snack between meals. 

Vegetables are a bit harder but the girls do love salad, or we will have some veggies on the side at dinner. BLT's are also a favorite and though I know bacon is not a great item, we have this sparingly. When we go out a lot of times I will direct them towards a more healthier sub from Subway packed with as many veggies as possible instead of a greasy burger. Sam will get a kids meal with a side of apples and the girls will get a water versus a soda, that way we still get our fast food kick but it's not as unhealthy. 

As my girls get older they have become more health conscious and sometimes will surprise me by making healthy choices on their own. All in all, it's give and take. There is no way I could ever take away all the greasy fast food and try to force feed them so I just look for ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables throughout the day.  

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Vicky said...

I love the idea of sneaking veggies. Hee-hee!

I am a new follower from the Thursday's Friends Cafe Hop.

Hope to see you soon @


Evan and Brighid said...

It sounds like your family is headed in a good direction! Those first steps are hardest!

My family just stumbled on a movie on netflix called What's on Your Plate ~

My daughter liked it because it is made by two preteen girls who want to learn more about where food comes from and which foods are healthiest. I thought yours might like it too. I've found that the more my daughter learns about foods the more healthy choices she makes.

A few tips:
*shopping at farmer's markets is great for finding fresh and tasty veggies and fruits.

*watching food grow is amazing for kids. You could start a garden (even if it is on a windowsill)so they can grow their own food

*adding avocados or other veggies to your BLT will make it healthier and more filling - so less bacon is needed

*have your kids take turns finding healthy recipes and have them help shop for ingredients as well as cook