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Fotobounce Digital Photo Management- Share Photos Safe and Securely ~!


 As I am sure you can tell by checking looking around, we love taking pics and sharing them, but there are also many pictures that are just for family and friends. We have the birth shots of the baby, photos of Darlenes recovery in the ICU and others that are too personal to share with everyone. Posting these on FB and other sites that have been known not to be very private, would never do. A great new way to be able to share them is by using FotobounceFotobounce is a downloadable digital photo management software application that offers a private peer to peer network of "bouncers" (composed of friends and family which you add in yourself) which is local to your computer not an outside website storage site or website photo sharing site. With Fotobounce I can feel secure that this is real private sharing, and the images I am sharing will only be seen by people in my network.

Fotobounce is easy to use and has so many features. Fotobounce works similar to Skype, you can see when your friends are online and available. At all times you have full control of your personal photo collection, all photos and transmissions are encrypted with 128-bit SSL. All tags remain intact with each photo, saving time and keeping all associated info together. 


One of the really neat features is the automatic face recognition feature. This advanced face detection and recognition software detects faces when photos are imported. As you tag users the system trains itself to learn who people are, helping to automate the tagging process. You then file and sort your pictures with the various options available and you are ready to share.


Share only with your network or even on FB and Flickr with their direct transfer option. Your photos will be delivered at full resolution and can be viewed on a computer or on the go from a cell phone or other device (iPhone, iPad version coming soon). You can also print all your photos easily and with no fuss.

My overall impression is that this is a great peer sharing tool that takes all the privacy concerns away. Also, very important because I am not very techy at all, is that it is easy to use and can save you a lot of time. I also love that you can get it for FREE! Yes, you can either download the free version supported with ads or buy the ad free version for only $49.

You can Download Fotobounce here and get started sharing with
all your friends and family today!

Download Fotobounce for WindowsDownload Fotobounce for Macintosh

This post brought to you by your friends at Fotobounce.

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