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Back-to-School with Tiny Prints ~!

Last week Angel's first day of school was not the best. His mom was at the hospital with his sister, he didn't get his haircut in time for the first day, his new backpack didn't arrive on time and no one could find his new clothes. He left really sad because though he loves Jackie, she is not his mom. 

At the end of the day I asked him how school was and he said, "It was good and not good." He said he liked seeing his friends and liked his new teacher but that the day was way too long. Going from 3 hours to a full day was a bit of a shock to his little system, he probably wanted a nap by the middle of the day. This week though with his mom home things went smoother and he  had a much better week.

Now we just have a new list of items to buy him that the teacher requested and we will be done with all of his must-have school items and then we can concentrate on getting some fun stuff. 

Tiny Prints has a great assortment of items perfect for back-to-school!

They have really cute notepads and notebooks, lunch box notes, teacher appreciation cards and my favorite, family planners. All these items can be personalized with pictures and your kids names or the family last name. I really enjoy personalized items and have a lot of fun getting the girls things that they can really call their own. They each have a notebook with their picture on the cover and said no one else at school has anything like that. 

Blooming Book NotebooksMonthly Notebook Picture This Monthly Notebook - Front : Sunny Yellow

As the school year progresses we will get Angel's teacher some teacher stationary or some note cards. For back-to-school shopping Tiny Prints is a must, you can find so many things to keep the household running smoothly plus all those extra little items that will make the school year much more fun for the kids.

Thank You Cards Colorful Notes - Front : Light Gray

Disclaimer: I participated in a Global Influence campaign for a Tinyprints gift card as a part of this post. All opinions are my own. 

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