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We Saw The Final Harry Potter Film!

Okay so as a spur of the moment decision, we decide to see the final Harry Potter film on Saturday night. We normally never see movies in theaters together, because it is super expensive and our family is huge and mom usually does not want to go...but this was a big goodbye really because we have seen all the Harry Potter's but one as a family, mom started taking us when we were really little. So on Saturday as a family we went, and besides the three little kids that were a bit of a pain in the arse, it was the best!

There are really now words that do justice to how awesome this film was. It was filled with actions and adventure, just like you'd expect from any Harry Potter film, but what surprised me were there were so many parts that were funny too. And so many characters that used to be just background, got more attention this time around. Neville had allot of more screen time, and is almost completely unrecognizable to my mother. Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall, was so sweet, and also very funny. I'm so glad she even participated in the final films, and isn't letting cancer get the best of her. She's a fighter. Severus Snape's story line in this film was also just sweet, sad, and heartbreaking. I knew he could never be the bad guy, until The Half Blood Prince, all the evidence showed he was a good guy. Have I mentioned my mom is on love with him??

So many characters died, good guys and bad guys alike. Mom and Munk got a kick out of Helena Bonham Carter's characters inability to walk standing straight always lurking and bobbing in the background. I think it made her more creepy. 

All in all the film was definitely a perfect ending for the series, and didn't disappoint us in the slightest. Normally final films don't live up to expectation but that was not the case, with this film. We all loved it, and are so sad to see the series go, but it's time I guess. We'll just rewatch all the other films whenever we need our little magical fix. 


Thrifty Ninja said...

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MikiHope said...

I think I would like to see this movie-----I saw one of them and did read a couple of the books--but it is now a classic!!!

Michele aka MikiHope