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Today's Kindle Downloads - A Kindle Freebie and .99 Title ~!

I just downloaded my Kindle books for the day...I got a FREEBIE and a .99 title that sounds really good and has some great reviews. The Mill River Recluse is the one I will read first because I have already read the sample and it is very interesting, just as the reviews promise. The second sounds fun and quirky...and I can't wait to see what this "single and chubby" college student gets herself into.

The Mill River Recluse

Disfigured by the blow of an abusive husband, and suffering her entire life with severe social anxiety disorder, the widow Mary McAllister spends almost sixty years secluded in a white marble mansion overlooking the town of Mill River, Vermont. Her links to the outside world are few: the mail, the media, an elderly priest with a guilty habit of pilfering spoons, and a bedroom window with a view of the town below.

Most longtime residents of Mill River consider the marble house and its occupant peculiar, though insignificant, fixtures. An arsonist, a covetous nurse, and the endearing village idiot are among the few who have ever seen Mary. Newcomers to Mill River--a police officer and his daughter and a new fourth grade teacher--are also curious about the reclusive old woman. But only Father Michael O’Brien knows Mary and the secret she keeps--one that, once revealed, will change all of their lives forever. 

The Girl In The Coffee Shop

Car chases, romantic interludes and breathtaking moments are not the norm for Gertrude, a single, chubby college student. But as she snacks on strawberry muffins, scones, and three Frappaccinos she watches a couple locking lips in a coffee shop.

As she studies them, her journalistic mind goes into overdrive. There is no circle of untanned skin where a wedding ring should be. They must be having an affair. Hoping to break her first "Cheaters-meets-TMZ" news story, she decides to follow them to a motel. And so begins an adventure she could never have imagined, and what she uncovers is the last thing she ever expected.

Yesterday morning I was so disappointed, I was going to purchase 2 titles I had found the night before that were only.99. I sent myself the samples to read before bed and decided that I really wanted to buy them. The next day when I logged into Amazon they had gone up in price! One had gone up to $7.50 and the other $6.50---all in the space of one night! Well of course I didn't buy them---instead I checked at my library and they don't have them either so I lost out on 2 really good books because I didn't grab them when I saw them. Lesson learned...I guess. No more waiting...I shall grab them as soon as I find them before they hike up in price.

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great picks at great prices! can't beat free!