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Summer Sandals ~!

I must admit that I really love wearing sandals and flip flops all year long, but during the hot, humid summer months they are really more a necessity than anything else and making sure that I have a few styles that are really going to go with all my clothes is a must. A pair like these Steve Madden gladiator sandals would be perfect, this style really will go with a lot of my shorts and dresses plus I love that the little bit of heel will give me a bit of extra height. Maybe the best part about this pair is that the price is right and I can actually afford them.

I really like this Tory Burch "Miller" sandal too, though it's way above my price range. But a girl can dream right? I've just always loved black patent leather and these look so trendy and comfortable at the same time. It's definitely a pair to be added to the someday wishlist. 

And last but certainly not least this Kate Spade Hula Too Thong Sandal is another style that would work with so many of my summer outfits. This simple summer style is glammed up with the addition of crystal coral embellishment that makes them really stand out. 

These sandals are just a few of the fun styles that I would love to have for this summer and these would make a wonderful addition to any shoe lovers collection.


Mrs Gloves said...

Oh I love the Tory Birch ones!

Thanks for linking up with Wonder Wednesday!

Lynn said...

I stopped by from the Wonder Wednesday blog hop to check out your site :)

I love the second sandal you have pictured. Super cute!