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Shaving Products and Other Skin Care for Men ~!

I have to admit, I don't give much thought to the shaving products that BF uses, all I know is that every other day he goes into the bathroom and comes out an hour later all nice and clean looking. I do enjoy his clean shaven face better than fuzzy day and until now I never thought about the kind of products he might use. I felt a little bad and realized I should be more informed about products for him too, because he does have some of his own skin issues too, like very oily skin.

Most women I think might not realize there it's not just about the shaving anymore, there are entire lines of skin products for men. There is everything from face washes, masks, astringents and even under eye creams to keep the puffiness and dark circles away. Then there is the entire line of shaving items; shaving oil designed to prepare the facial hair and cause less irritation, the shaving cream, gel or foam and then the post-shave treatment to help skin recover from dryness after shaving. Our guys really do have a lot of choices now and products made specifically for their skin. I will have to keep this in mind the next time he has a special day coming, I am sure he would love some new skin care products of his own.

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