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Return to Hawaii ~!

Sometimes you might catch me daydreaming and checking out houses for sale in Hawaii, or looking at pictures of the beautiful beaches. I guess I really miss it--when my girls were very young we got lucky enough to live in Hawaii for three pretty incredible years. Living there is so different from living on the main land, life is so relaxed and it was just an incredible experience. Those years we lived there we really got to know the island, the girls and I would spend entire days exploring as much as we could. We visited all the malls, many of the beaches and just really enjoyed everything that Hawaii has to offer. They girls talk a lot about wanting to return for a visit as soon as the kids get older. I talk a lot about wanting to move there, and though I know that living is more expensive there. 

 This is a picture of the night we first arrived on Oahu, 14 years ago. By the time we came back Munkey the youngest was already 4 so they all remember the island very well, especially the beautiful beaches. I just miss it all and would really love to move there, might never happen but I am certainly not giving up the dream.

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