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OMYGOSH Her Tooth Fell Off ~!!

One of the worst things anyone of us could ever think of happening Nessa. One of her two front teeth fell of during her babies delivery. The tooth was not in the best shape, she'd had a bad cavity when she was about 19 and it was filled in, but it was strong so we have no idea how or what happened. But now she is toothless and looks horrible. 

We are now in a hurry to figure out the best way to get the tooth replaced and of course none of them are covered by insurance. We are looking at either an implant or even a Snap on Smile. But who knows, right now we have to wait till next week so the dentist can see her and what they recommend. For now she has to go to all her appointments looking like a crack head...poor kid.


June M. said...

Poor girl...hopefully they will be able to fix it quickly and easily.

Hope she and the baby are doing well. If she just had a baby, it should not be too bad cause she won't be doing much of anything for a little bit anyway.

Gina said...

That is terrible and I imagine pretty traumatizing too. I think losing a tooth is one of everyones worst nightmares and what is worse is the time it takes to get a replacement, unless you are a Hollywood movie star it's going to take at least a few visits to a dentist to either get an implant or anything else. Tell her just to concentrate on the baby and forget the tooth till next week. I would give up a tooth for a baby any day of the week.

SondraMama said...

what the hell? i hadn't ever heard of a tooth falling out during delivery! wow! i mean, you're in labor / delivery. why does the tooth have to be so dramatic then? it could have waited! yanno? lol. well, at least there are options out there for her. good luck!