OMG--Kindle 3G w/ Special Offers Only $139 ~! - Sammy Makes Six

OMG--Kindle 3G w/ Special Offers Only $139 ~!

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Just two days ago at the hospital when I was trying to read a new title I had just purchased the night before and realized I had not downloaded it and could not get a wi-fi signal to do it, I told BF how I wish I had the 3G version...BUT of course the 3G Kindle was priced at $189 versus the $139 he paid for my regular one. Well what did I see today as soon as I logged into Amazon??

They have a brand new Kindle 3G with Special Offers for ONLY $139!!!!!!!  I want this--and immediately texted BF and asked if he'd like to buy it for me and can you believe he said no??

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Megan Owens said...

hahaha that's too funny! your boyfriend said no. I know how that goes! (:

Great deal!