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My Starbucks Rewards - I Got My Free Birthday Drink ~!

I didn't get my free birthday drink last year, or maybe we got it and someone threw it out but I was surprised to get this year's in the mail yesterday. I can go get any drink I want and it's going to be on the house...nice!

Once I got it my interest was renewed and I went to check my Rewards page and found out that they are now giving FREE drinks for every 15 STARS after you reach the gold level. I am only 4 stars away from Gold and would have reached it ions ago, had I kept using my card. 

I even have a small balance on it that I didn't remember. So as of today the card has been dusted off and we will use it religiously. Every time we go we get at least 6 drinks so imagine how many freebies we would have gotten by now. We will definitely be going this week to claim my birthday drink and get those final four stars. 

If you have not registered all you need to do is buy a card of any amount then go to and register it. Then use it each time you make any purchases, the trick is to pay for each drink separately so you can get a star for each one. It's a great way to get some freebies from Starbucks and a free coffee on your birthday!

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Megan Owens said...

I had no idea about this. THink I'll have to get one myself. Thanks for posting this. :)

Happy late birthday btw!