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My Girls and Their Individual Sense of Style ~!

It's almost time for the kids to go back-to-school and time for me to get a move on and buy my girls their new fall wardrobe. Jack is pretty easy and no fuss at all but my two others are quite a handful and really picky. Even though they are only one year apart and they go to the same school and hang out with the same people, they each have their own sense of style and I gave up shopping for them a-long-time-ago. So it's off to the mall and off to sit for hours on end while they decide on what cute new outfits they are going to buy. 

China is complicated. At the same time she is a tom boy but then she can be very girly girl too. One day she can be wearing a skirt and body hugging top, or a cute floral jumper and the next she is wearing a pair of boy sweats a big t-shirt and a backwards cap. We wonder all the time at the transformation--first she is a beautiful girl with her long black hair and the next day she looks just like one of her guy friends and people literally mistake her for a "dude".

When we shop for her I just try to steer her to looks that are age appropriate and that suit her body type. Other than always making her try on an item and making sure nothing that is not supposed to show isn't, I let her choose her outfits. She also loves big earrings and loses them just as fast as we buy them. Overall China goes from one extreme to the other, she is very much a tom boy or she is very made up. She has a way of making me feel frumpy and short when ever I am standing next to her. 

Ciara is just 16 and is just now really finding her own style. She loves buying different pieces that don't really seem to match, including lots of accessories. Fun earrings, a lot of necklaces, belts, and hats. She takes all these and all her new clothes that came from different stores and puts them all together to make a really fun look that is very much her. She has a talent for being able to take a few pieces of clothing and making it look like she owns a lot of clothes, and a lot of that is because she really knows how to accessorize. 

Ciara is also very much about comfort and has a lot of tights, yoga pants and tank tops for every day. A day out shopping for her means yoga pants with a spaghetti strap top and a pair of flip-flops. You will not find her over dressed at the mall, she leaves that look for going out. I love that she is relaxed enough not to feel the pressure of always being made up and that she can really be herself.

I think it's important to let each of my girls nurture that sense of style that they already have. As they get older their styles will change and they will find different ways to show their personalities. I am really thankful that I am in a position to be able to give my girls new clothes often. It's important especially when they go back to school that they can go back confident and feel good about how they look.

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They are beautiful!

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Vickie said...

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