{ Kindle FREEBIE Alert } - Falling Star and More ~! - Sammy Makes Six

{ Kindle FREEBIE Alert } - Falling Star and More ~!

Falling Star

I love a juicy novel and this one sounds really good. Set in L.A. and in the cut throat arena of the television news, it's definitely my kind of read. Grabbed this and a few others that also look really promising...

The Curse of the Holy Pail

This is one of those quirky mysteries that I just love. With a very charming and quite eccentric female lead and interesting story line, it promises to be a good read. Can't wait to get a chance to get started on it. 

Invisible Justice

This is a teen book and I grabbed it for the girls. 

I try to check the freebie titles everyday and grab all the books that have good reviews and that sound good. If I ever actually begin to read a title that I can't get through, I simply delete it. My kindle library is really growing with over 250 titles, in games and books. I also purchase a lot of titles that are priced under $3 and these are two of the ones that I bought this week. Both are only.99.

Accidents Waiting to Happen

I downloaded the sample on this one and was hooked enough by the end of it to order the book, right after ordering it I fell fast asleep on top of my Kindle so I am itching to get back to it tonight. 

The Rose Killer

This title caught my attention and it has some really positive reviews. Its supposed to be a very chilling, clever and disturbing and at only .99 a great deal. Now I just need the time so I can sit with these and read them! As you can see I am an all-over-the-place reader, I don't stick to any genre, as long as a book is good and the author writes in a nice flowy fashion I will read it. Reading for me has always been a passion and I try as much as I can to fit as much reading into my life as I can, lately not too much time but I am really stocking up on the Amazon freebies, that is the best part about having a Kindle!

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