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Kindle Can't Borrow E-Books From Library--I Need A Kobo ASAP ~!

And the search for a Kobo e-reader has begun! I have been waiting and waiting for our county to get it's digital library up and running and though I had read that the Kindle would not be supported I was not sure, until today when I saw that they had opened and sure enough out of all the tons of devices that can be used for borrowing e-books, the Kindle can not!

iPad, iPhone, MP3 players, Sony e-readers, Nook and even cell phones can borrow books from my library but not my Kindle...I am so upset. Especially since I saw that they have a lot of titles that are not available in regular book format. I did download the file and program so that I could borrow from my laptop and got my first book but it's not a whole lot of fun reading from a big ol laptop and it's not really very portable or convenient either. 

So all this time I have been waiting for my library to get with the times and bring on the e-books and then they finally do and I don't have the right device. What a complete bummer--I am now going to spend some serious time looking for a Kobo reader, even if it's a used one. Ebay here I come...!


Jennifer said...

Hello! I am a new follower from the blog hop! Your blog is very cute and I am looking forward to reading your posts and connecting!

I hope to see you over at Jennifer's Deals

JamieS@ Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom said...

Hi, Just paying a visit from the Alexa Blog Hop!

~JamieS@ Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

rhonda1111 said...

calibre is a free ebook manager and it can change ebooks from one type to another. I have not tried that option yet. but i love how t will tell me about ebooks i have on my kindle.

June M. said...

Not that it really helps right now, but Kindle is supposed to be making it able to borrow ebooks by the end of the year. I hope so cause that is what I have too!

MikiHope said...

Well--I still read the old fashioned way--one of these days I will break down and buy a Kindle or Nook--or if I get real lucky--win one!!

Michele aka MikiHope