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How I Hate Plumbing Problems ~!

Once again our land lord got a call from us this week about more plumbing problems at our rental house. For the third time in the year and a half that we have been living here, the kitchen sink was leaking from both top and bottom. The faucet has been replaced three times and because he buys the cheapest model, it only takes the wear for about 6 months before it begins spraying out of the sides. You will be washing the dishes and literally spraying people as they walk by the kitchen. Under the sink, it's like a horror movie. All the pipes are so old that there are constant leaks, which makes the wood in there moldy and smelly and then he gets upset he has to replace the entire piece.

It's frustrating to say the least...because plumbing problems can really be a pain to deal with especially when they happen in the kitchen or the bathroom. First of all it usually takes us a few weeks to actually get them in here to fix it, then because the guy who does the work is not a real plumber he does a terrible job and only a few months pass when we are dealing with the same problem again. I really wish that we could get a professional plumber in, at least once to really fix the problems and then...then they could attempt the upkeep. In the long run he would end up saving money by hiring a professional and we would live happier and more comfortable, but he doesn't see things quite the same as I do. If anything it’s a good lesson that we are learning…that you get what you pay for and when we manage to move out of here and back into our own home I am pretty sure we will be dealing with professionals for all of our plumbing problems.

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