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~Glee 3D!~

Yay! A Glee movie! Honestly there are no words whatsoever to describe how excited I am for this movie. It looks awesome, and the concert always features the best songs, then there's all the behind the scenes footage. 


I'm honestly just trying to see as much about the show as possible because now that it has officially been announced that season 3 will be Lea Michele's last season, I may not watch any of the following seasons. Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and Cory Monteith, are the only ones Ryan Murphy (the show's creator) has announced will definitely not be back after the next season, but he also said that more cast members are leaving, then staying. So unless they keep like a really awesome character, which I doubt, since the cast are all wanting to venture into other projects, my Glee obsessing days, may soon be over. I honestly think no replacement character can out do what the original Gleeks have done, and I love the original characters.


Kim Bee said...

Out blog hopping, stopping by to say hello. Have a great weekend. Love glee! Kim

lilac_the_bunny said...

LOVE glee!

New follower from the Saturday Stalk! http://www.asthebunnyhops.com

Jackie said...

We are Gleeks and were so disappointed to hear those cast members were leaving. They are the reason we watch. Guess they can't stay high school seniors forever. We were also saying we would have to see who joins and decide if we will continue watching. Hope it's a good season!

Mommybug77 said...

I heard they were making a movie. I was sad to see the 3 cast members who are leaving this upcoming season though.