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Eeeeek! Look What's Coming Up ~!

Monkey has been asking for one of these since last year and though we have entered a ZILLION giveaways and applied to review this more times than I can remember, we could never get one.

Until today...look what came in the mail! China already texted Monkey and told her "look what came for me!", so Munk must be seething right now. But we are actually holding it for her for when she gets home. I will try to get the review up as soon as I can, as soon as she has time to do a few looks for us so we can take pics. I know all you die hard make up fanatics know what this is right? And we will have a giveaway too, so stay tuned!

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JaZZ said...

I know what this is!!! Whohoooo, can't wait to enter this contest.