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Darlene's Surgery Update ~!

A few months ago we found out 3 year old Darlene has a dislocated hip. Something that should have been caught since she was very little but because of doctors telling Vanessa over and over again that the way she walked was "normal" even though it didn't look normal at all it was not caught until the beginning of this year. A nurse at the hospital took the actual time to get an x ray of her hip done after my daughter voiced her concerns to him. They were there for a totally unrelated problem, so it surprised us that he even listened since for years her doctor had been saying that she was fine and would grow out of that crooked, tippy toe walk of hers. 

Darlene with her aunt Sam on the 4th of July

Two months ago she was set to get her surgery on her hip, which is pretty serious. The doctors told us that the chances of her hip and legs being fine after it are only 80/20 and that there could be complications and further surgeries including a hip replacement after the first one. Bottom line is she will never be perfectly okay, this surgery can make her situation better BUT it can also go wrong and make her worse. So what happened is the day before the surgery her mom chickened out and refused to take her, thinking maybe we could find an alternative or maybe she could stay how she is. But in the next two months Darlene went through a grow spurt and now her walk is even worse, it looks like the leg with the bad hip is not growing as much as the other and now she has more difficulty walking. So leaving her the way she is has become out of the question, yesterday we spent the entire day at the children's hospital and she is now scheduled for surgery next month. Needless to say we are pretty scared...but this has to get done and all we can do is think positively and hope that her surgery goes well so that she can have a better quality of life.


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MikiHope said...

I will definitely be keeping Darlene in my thoughts and prayers!! Think POSITIVE!!!!

Smash Bravo Team said...

@mikihope Thank you Michele :) We need really need those good thoughts...so thanks!

Nikki said...

I imagine that must be very scary! I will definitely be sending you positive thoughts. I hope her surgery goes smoothly and she has the easiest recovery possible.

Mama.Mommy.Mom. said...

Thanks for linking up at Wonder Wednesday!

My daughter (she 4 1/2 now) had to have surgery 3 times last year. It's always scary to have someone poking and probing at your little one. It makes you feel so helpless and out of control. Good luck to you. I'm sure everything will work out fine!

Jamie @ www.mamamommymom.com

Gina said...

We are all sending positive thoughts and prayers. She will be fine, and so will you all. Try not to worry to much about it, though I know that is pretty much impossible.

Megan Owens said...

Although I don't know her, I will keep her in my prayers. (: Best wishes to you