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Calendar for Kindle { Only .99 } ~!


If you love all things Kindle the way that I do you will be thrilled to find out that 7 Dragons, the same company that brought us the Notepad have now come out with a great new Calendar that is also just .99.  Normally I use my Google calendar because I am on the computer a lot but when I am not on it I can't access all my stuff.  I am not a cell phone junkie, there are 6 cell phones in my house but none are mine, so to be able to keep track of all my appointments, posts, reviews and giveaway dates on my Kindle which is usually in my bag where ever I go, is great!


Calendar lets you see events and to-do lists quickly and easily with day, month and week views. It lets you create events (including recurring events) and daily to-do lists. You can set reminders that show up when you start Calendar; and sort and search tools make working with your data a breeze. US Holidays are included, but you can turn them off if you want to do so.

A Go-to-Date and Go-to-Today feature helps you move around quickly, and fast typing speed with word-wrap helps you work quickly too. You get 6 font sizes and 9 backgrounds or a simple full-screen mode from which to choose, and you can use the built-in Backup and Restore feature to save your calendar data to a PC or Mac.


I am hitting the Buy Now button right now !

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