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A 6 Year Old's Dream Come True-His First Wii ~!

Angel is going to be seven in October--pretty old perhaps to be getting his first real video game console? He's had one of those kid hand-held video games and then he had a used xbox, both of which he didn't take really good care of so we have been holding off on buying him a brand new console like the Wii...until yesterday. When I saw a few blogs blogging about Amazon's promotion, a $30 credit with a purchase of a Wii product. 

Wii Console Bundle

We mulled it over for about an hour and then placed the order and told him that he is going to be getting it next week along with a MarioKart game and he is over the moon and can't stop talking about it, I haven't seen him this excited about anything all year I think. 

So we got a really good deal right? First of all the Wii's used to cost $200 and they came with some sport games which would not have interested him that much. Now the price is a lot more reasonable at $150 and the Mario Kart is perfect for his age and seeing as BF had recently brought this game alone and paid $50 for it, we got a real deal. Now I am just debating what I am going to spend the $30 credit on...should I buy something for the house or should we just go ahead and get him another game?? Decisions...decisions...LOL.

It's does my heart good to see Angel looking forward to something so much, now if only Amazon would hurry up and ship it. We can NOT wait to see his face when it gets here!

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Steph B said...

If he's bad with video game systems, you may want to invest that money in one of two things: a backup Wiimote or a really good cover for the Wiimote. There are problems where kids have very small wrists and don't always tighten the wrist strap, so when they're playing something where they move their wrist, the Wiimote just falls off and hits the TV full force, breaking the front! There are covers that'll lessen the blow to the TV that are made of rubber and look really big, but they fit great and don't hurt playing either. Oh, and the sports game that comes with the console is ADDICTIVE. I do not like most sports games, and I LOVE this one! It's something the whole family can do together, which is great, too. Another good point for a second Wiimote and another cover for it.... Can you tell we love our Wii? : )