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10 Tips for Making Life on the Go Easier and More Efficient ~!

This summer, Seattle’s Best Coffee® is introducing us to the Official Latte of Pretty Much Everything. These are new  convenient grab-and-go cans that fit perfectly into a moms hectic schedule and today they have asked us to share tips for making things more efficient and easier while on the go. As you know, our family is really large and it is pretty hectic keeping everything and everyone on track, so there are a few of my tips.

1. First of all organization is key, I keep all my appointment's on my computer calendar and on my cell phone with reminders set so that I don't forget who has to be where on what day. Believe me we have missed plenty of appointments when I was not keeping track.

2. Keep a to-do-list. My to do list is always next to my computer because all day long new things that have to be done pop up and I need to write them all down before I forget. 

3. Smart planning: I always try to get as many things done in one trip out as I can. Depending on where I am going for the day I will make all the stops near that area that I can. I grab the to do list and make another list in order of places I need to stop. I know this sounds like a lot of list making but it's the only way I never forget to do something...like have you ever gone to the grocery store for milk and forgotten the milk?

4. Keep a bag handy and ready to go. I keep my wallet and purse at the ready in case of an unexpected trip out. Inside the purse I also always have some extra juices and snacks for Sam. If one of the girls calls and needs a ride or we need to be somewhere fast, I can grab the bag and the kid and run.

5. Cut out unnecessary trips. Sometimes I will get something in one store that I meant to get at another even if it costs a bit more even though it feels bad to spend more. But when you look at how much gas goes into trips to various stores you might even end up saving some cash by getting it at the closest store instead of trekking 10 miles away.

6. Take advantage of the internet. The internet really is my best friend, here I do most of my bill paying, banking and shopping. This gives us more time to go out and enjoy ourselves instead of spending ours running errands.

7. Teach children to get themselves ready in the morning. My baby is only 4 years old and already she can get herself dressed and shoes on. That way when we have to be out early I can get myself ready then just help her brush teeth and hair and out we go.

8. Threaten teens with loss of privileges. Unfortunately teens are not very time efficient, sometimes we can sit in the car for ever waiting for them to finally come out of the house. So in order to be able to leave on time I tell them if they are not outside right on time they have to hand over the cell phones for the entire trip. Sometimes this works and sometimes it does not but at least we have cut our sitting in the car and waiting time by a bit.

9. Get some rest! This one is hard when you have so much to do but if you don't get plenty of rest at night you will not be any good the next day. So getting plenty of sleep when running a household is imperative.

10. Take a break mid-day. No matter how many errands you have or who needs to get where, you need to take a break during the day. I will stop by and grab a relaxing lunch with the girls or we go for a 15 minute coffee break, but if we don't stop and relax a bit everyone gets grumpy and things get really bad really fast. 

Life is unpredictable so you can't plan every day and have it turn out perfectly but if you do take some steps like the ones above your day will go smoother and you will end up getting a lot more done and have time to relax and enjoy that family of yours.

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