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10 tips and tricks to get your kids to eat more vegetables ~!

Kids and vegetables don't really mix, believe me, being mom to 5 girls I know! Four of the girls are already grown and still it is incredibly hard to get them to eat any sort of vegetable at all. So what are my tips and tricks for getting them to eat at least a minimum of healthy vegetables and greens?

1. Let them pick it themselves. Sometimes the girls are more agreeable to eating something if they helped pick it out themselves so I take them to the Farmers Market and there I let them do the picking and choosing. 

2. Let them help with the cooking. The same applies if I help let them prepare the food. It might be a vegetable that they don't particularly care for but if they helped to make it then there is more of a chance that they will eat it too.

3. Make it fun. We never do steamed veggies on the side because I know this will bore them to death. Instead I try to come up with inventive and fun ways to incorporate veggies into the menu. Sometimes a few stalks of celery to stir a bowl of soup, some carrots for ears on a bunny shaped sandwich and lots of cutesy things like that for the little ones.

4. Cover them in ketchup. I don't know why but my girls love to drown everything in ketchup. This seems to bring comfort to them, so even if it's weird to me I allow plenty of a healthy brand ketchup to be on the table in case they need to dip.

5. Make them a snack. I will put baby carrots and grapes in a small bowl next to the popcorn when they are watching a movie and most times they will empty it out in no time without even realizing they ate a bunch of carrots.

6. Peanut butter and ranch also help out a lot when it comes to veggies. I know too much ranch makes it less nutritious but they love it on salad and for dipping too.

7. Mix it in without them knowing. This is a bit tricky since my girls are older but we can still sneak in a few veggies here and there without them noticing. Ground beef is an easy meat to work with, just dice veggies really small and they don't even notice.

8. Give them lots of options. Sometimes I will put a platter of different veggies and fruits in the middle of the table during dinner and insist everyone get some. At some point they will all reach for at least one type of vegetable. 

9. Never force them! This is something I insist on, my ex had a habit of forcing and never letting them get off the table until they cleared their plates. Instead of making them like vegetables this made the girls grow to hate certain things and it's taken a long time to turn some of those dislikes around. So if they don't like a certain item, I let them stay clear of it and hope that one day they will give it a shot.

10. Just keep it fun and simple. This has been a hard earned lesson, I remember when they were little I tried making all these complicated recipes and they never liked them. I find that the simpler I can make it and the more fun that I can add to the meal or preparation, the more chance that the girls will actually eat it.

So those are my tips to getting your kids to eat at least some of their veggies. I got lucky with Sammy because she loves almost everything but my four oldest have been a challenge but I have never given up, and you know what? Sometimes they surprise me by ordering a salad or a side of veggies all on their own!

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