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Verizon FiOS Sounds Like a Dream ~!

Verizon FiOS is a service that we have not gotten to try out but that I am hopeful we will be able to switch to in the next few months. Working online the way that I do, it is imperative that my internet signal is nice and fast at all times, plus it would be great if we didn't have a lot of downtime. Unfortunately for us, the company that we switched to earlier this year, a company that was supposed to save us money and provide a great service, has not been fulfilling their side of the bargain. We got a bundle package for both the cable and internet so we could save some money, but I don't really feel that the $100 bill is worth the service we are getting. Not only is the internet signal very iffy during parts of the day, but it's almost always half the speed that it was the first month we got it. Our cable also isn't as clear or free from interruptions as we may like and have had to have them come and check it twice in just four months.

That is why the idea of switching over to Verizon FiOS is super appealing to all of us. The main reason of course is the super fast internet signal which is America's top rated internet service. With 36 ad sites and 3 blogs to take care of, I need speed and reliability at my fingertips. 

The girls are excited about the fast upload speeds and clear streaming video quality. Right now we subscribe to a few movie services, but the quality of the videos because of the low signal really leave a lot to be desired. It would be so nice to watch an entire movie without having to pause over and over again to let the movie load some more.

Another exiting part about Verizon FiOS is the cable service. Of course we love watching tv, there are 5 televisions in this house hooked up to cable, so having a good plan and service is very important to us as a household.

Verizon's fiber optic technology lets you watch HDTV with less pixelation, interruptions and weather interference. I imagine that watching a movie on Verizon FiOS must be so much clearer  and exciting, and a great way for us to enjoy Saturday movie night at home.

These are the main things that appeal to me and my girls about Verizon FiOS. We are an internet and cable family like many others in the U.S. and we look forward to getting a chance to try it out for ourselves sometime in the near future. 

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SondraMama said...

we have AT&T and I want to get rid of it ... NOW!!! I do want to switch to verison because it seems to have the best service around!