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Today's Book Store Trip ~!

Momma hasn't been feeling well so today we thought we would make a trip to the book store to bring her some new books. Having a good book to read can make the days go by a little easier while being on bed rest. I found two titles that I really think she is going to enjoy, by an author she has never read. She always talks about wanting to do book reviews on here, which would make a really nice addition. Hopefully soon she will feel up to it, in the meantime she has two brand new books to read in between naps.

Family Affair LP

A Turn in the Road

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MikiHope said...

Oh--she will love those books!! And might I suggest some of Lee Child's Suspense books (the Reacher Series)-I just finished Echo Burning--this guy can really write suspense!! Tell Maria to get better soon!!! I miss hearing from her and I might have something she can do a giveaway on!!

Michele aka MikiHope