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Sizzling Hot Laptops ~!

Yesterday one was of the most miserable days in my life...we hit 100 degrees which isn't even as hot as it's going to get but what made it horrible was that when we went to turn our cooler on, we found out it was broken!!!!!!!!   We have two ac's which the girls run almost all the time and pull a lot of energy but for the main part of the house we have what they call a "swamp cooler", we can run this baby about 8 hours per day and use almost no electricity. But yesterday when we turned it on all we got was a blast of hot air and by some miracle of god when we called the owner to send someone over, they actually did come and fix it at night. But the day was ruined, all the laptops were overheating and we were sweating to the oldies...all day long.

Today I found out that while we were here sitting and sweating, I missed a great Starbucks Social Moms $30 post plus I missed the chance to sign up for a $50 Clever Girl opp. So we lost a possible $80 because of this darned heat...and now that I think of it why the hell didn't I grab my laptop and rush to Starbucks or the library? Probably because my brain was numb and I could barely think. Iv'e never really been a fan of summer...always preferring fall and winter and these next few months are really going to be miserable, I can tell just by how we are getting off right from the beginning. 

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