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Jack will be pulling and announcing the winner of the I Love My Daddy event shortly. I know we are all excited to find out who will be getting to buy their own bottle of perfume or cologne. 

On to another subject did any of you get your Zebra pen freebie from Facebook? I think I did, I logged in and had to spend some time reloading and then suddenly the page was there and I was able to fill the info in. Right after the link was pulled so either they ran out or they had a problem...but I got mine! (I think, I hope) I am a pen hog, thief, clepto and lover so I cant wait to see if we really will be getting them.

Anyways, it's hot--hot--hot here. Almost 95 and by the end of the week we are supposed to hit 105. Summer is oficially here peeps...and it's going to be a HOT one. My bedroom had gotten a little ovenish so I came to the kitchen table by the window in hopes of finding a little bit of wind. And by-george I found some...but it's it feels more like a hair drier or oven than cool and not exactly refreshing. Hot wind sucks!

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MikiHope said...

Hum---a pen thief huh---gotta watch out for pen thieves in my line of work (bookkeeping)----they get the evil eye as I TAKE IT BACK!!