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Plumbing Problems Are The Worst ~!

When living in a rented house you would think that plumbing problems might not be too much of a problem. After all, the owner of the property is the one that is supposed to take care of any and all repairs that have to be made. But as we have found out, the owner does fix the problems, BUT it's not exactly done in a timely matter. The last big plumbing problem we had was only last month, the sink in the kitchen began to leak, first it was a little bit and by the end of the day we were collecting water in a bucket.

We immediately called the owner and told him we had an emergency, that our only kitchen sink was leaking and needed them to fix it asap. We were unable to wash dishes or use it at all and it is very hard to feed a family and not make a sink full of dishes. They were unable to come in that day (big surprise) but told us the next day for the morning. It was after 7:00 when they managed to get here, and that was only to tell us that they would be back, because they had not brought the tools and needed to go buy parts. It was already 7 so it would not be till the next day.

Long story took 4 1/2 days for them to get the sink fixed. Four very long days, with us calling them every 2 hours and with them putting us off. Four days of having to stack dishes up and then finally having to get them washed of in the bathroom sink. Four days of not being able to cook anything that required a pot or pan, because we would be unable to wash big items in the bathroom. 

You never really know how much you need a kitchen sink until the day that you don't have it. Plumbing problems really are the worst and I dread the day that we have another one. Next time, I might even just call in my own plumber instead of having to put my family through another ordeal like that. 

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