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Kansas City Homes For Sale and My Experience With a Home Purchase ~!

There are many great Kansas City homes for sale and seeing them really brought back so many memories from my home buying experience. I purchased a home 4 1/2 years ago when I had a very good paying and steady job. I felt I was prepared and that it was time to buy a home for my family, however one decision I made at the very start is what made the whole thing a terrible nightmare instead of one of the best experiences of my life. I chose a Realtor who was recommended by a friend, I didn't even look into his background but instead very trustingly went into the process. 

He advised us to buy a house in the end that was in very bad shape and instead of letting me ask for it to be fixed before the purchase like I wanted, he kept saying was that the home sale included insurance and that everything that was broken would be covered. He kept telling me not to worry, that everyone went through all that and that I was essentially getting a very nice home for a good price and that when I moved in the insurance would pay to fix it all. When I did contact the insurance after the sale went through I found out that none of it was covered. The insurance was for anything that came up after the sale, nothing existent. This was only one of the many ways that this realtor really screwed us, and of course right after the sale he disappeared out of our lives. We lived in the home and I spent thousands of dollars on it for 3 years and then had to sell it. It had become a burden too big for me to tackle alone, the repairs were endless and it was just me paying it all. 

After going through all that I can tell you that the thought of buying another home one day is not one I look forward to. But you never know, one day I just might. But I do know that the day I do I will not be dealing with just any realtor. I will find one with a good reputation and track record and make sure never to fall for one that is just trying to earn some fast money. It was a tough lesson to learn really, but I can assure you it will never happen again.

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