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The Cleveland Show ~!

Posted by Roland Hyde

They say you can never top the original. One spin-off that may have done just that is The Cleveland Show, a spin-off from the show, The Family Guy. Unlike the stale Family Guy which is centered around the hijinks of the fat, mentally-challenged father, the baby of the family or the family's dog, The Cleveland Show is more about relationships. Each episode usually centers around Cleveland Brown and his relationships with his wife and her relatives, son or stepchildren. Cleveland Brown himself is like a modern day Al Bundy except that he revels in his glory days as a baseball player and works as a cable company installer. His son mirrors the Bud Bundy character as the disappointing nerd child of an ex-jock. His stepdaughter Roberta mirrors the Kelly Bundy character as the town slut. I guess part of the draw for me is that I was also a huge Married With Children fan and the correlations between the two shows strikes a chord with me. One new element happens to be my favorite character, the baby, Rallo. His character is like a play on early 1970s black action heroes, afro and all. You can watch the show Sunday nights on Fox. Reruns often run in that time slot so I catch the show through the DVR option on my instead of watching it as it runs.

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