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Charge All Your Devices With a Solar Powered Battery Charger ~!

Our family owns a lot of devices that need to be recharged on a daily basis. Between the laptops, cell phones, notebooks, cameras, mp3 players, we always have a few things getting recharged. I have no idea really how much money we spend on paying for this, but with electricity costs so high, I do imagine it's quite a bit. For a family that is trying to cut down our carbon footprint, we are surely doing a lousy job of it by using so much electricity to keep our daily devices up and running. But then again, these are the items that we can not live with out. I work on two laptops and the girls and BF have the cell phones. All the mp3 players and cameras are also a must have for us.

So what can we do as a family to cut back on costs plus to save energy and the planet? A solar powered battery charger that is portable would be a great alternative. Not only can we use this when we are home to save energy but since these solar powered chargers are portable we can take them with us when going camping or backpacking and still use all of our devices with none of the expense of batteries. This really is the future and a one time expense can end up saving all of us so much in the end. It would also be so great for the environment!

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