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My Must Have Summer Essentials~!

Summer is coming...and here where we live it's going to get up to 120 degrees! The only thing I can do to pass those months is prepare a summer wardrobe that will allow me to be as comfortable as possible, but still look cute of course! These are my MUST HAVE summer essentials.

What I really need to stock up on is cute tops, as long as I have plenty of those then I can make my somewhat limited wardrobe stretch out a lot further. These four tops are perfect! All of them are nice and light and will be perfect to pair up with some cropped jeans or maybe even some skirts. What I really like about these is how fashionable they are, the extra touches make them look dressier so they can even be worn to nicer events. The Floral Fantasy Tank in pink with the chiffon flowers around the neckline is my favorite though, I can see myself wearing this all sumer long.

Now that I have the perfect tops selected the only thing missing is a few cheap skirts, or maybe just one that is really versatile. This skirt below is the perfect length and I love the cut. I would also love this cute pair of cropped skinny jeans!

Sometimes it's hard to find  modest clothing that I feel suits my age. But I love all of the items I have picked out today, everything is designed with comfort and style in mind. If I lose some more weight maybe I can even begin to look at modest dresses soon. I haven't worn a dress in years and that would really be the perfect essential, but for now I will stick to what I feel comfortable with. The only thing I am missing now is a few pairs of espadrilles and sandals and I will be ready to take on the sumer heat!

So my must have items are:
At least 4 {if not more} cute tops
One or two cute and fun skirts
A new pair of skinny jeans
Espadrilles in a few colors plus some cute sandals

What are your must have items for this summer? 

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TheKidIsRich said...

Hey there - GREAT blog!! Stopping by from the Monday blog hop - I'm your newest follower via GFC :) Would *so* appreciate a follow back!

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MikiHope said...

Hum---my must haves--well my sandels from last year are still in very good shape--always need lots of cotton tees (who doesn't)--a couple of light dresses and a couple of pairs of shorts (NOT short shorts!!) A couple of those shirts up there look perfect--of course where I live it does not get as hot as where you are-------
I am following you from the lower your Alexa score hop!!

Michele aka MikiHope

Jessie @ MomVantage said...

I have to have a great pair (or 2 ... or 3!) of sandals! Plus, a really comfy pair of jean capri pants, and some tank tops. Nothing too fancy, just something that I can wear everyday while I am chasing my kids!

Stopping by from the Alexa hop! Have a great weekend :)

Jeanette said...

Those are super cute tops! I like the capris too

Jessica Warrick said...

i love the pink top its so cute stopping by from the lower my alexa ranking blog hop

Skye said...

I hate skirts, but I agree about the modest clothing, I cant even find my teen shorts long enough to wear to school!!

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-Skye RealMomReviews

heinzmom at hotmail dot com said...

Im so glad I found your blog today, I love entering and had never seen you before!
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Judy said...

I love those shirts but I especially love the denim skirt...super cute!

Jenilee said...

I love that pink tank!

<3 Jenilee from Six in the Nest

Sandy Elliott said...

I love all the cute girly tops these days. The pretty flowers and ruffles are just the way to jazz up a plain looking t-shirt (and easy enough to do yourself).

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Sandy~ Cherished Handmade Treasure

Melissa said...

Stopping by from the Alexa hop! I love those cute cropped jeans with those polka dot shoes.

Nikki said...

I love the pink one in the 4th picture!! Stopping by from the Alexa hop!


Mom's Opinion 101 said...

i just got a long cotton summer dress. oh my sooo comfy, cool and cute! Def need one! follow me.

Diane said...

I love the tops! I agree with not being able to find modest clothing! My favorite are sun dresses. To me they are really comfortable and cool.

Shanda Bauman said...

those tops are adorable and I love the little flowers!