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How I Started a New Blog...~!

My BF and I have talked many times about starting a bilingual Latino blog, so a few weeks ago we bit the bullet and decided to go ahead and get one going. For this new blog I decided to use WordPress because I have always loved all of those extra plug ins that Blogger does not offer. However, I didn't realize how much trickier WordPress is to use, and what should have taken me a few hours ended up taking me almost a full day.

The easy part was setting up the free account at WordPress. That only took a few minutes and soon we were looking at the designs, we went back and forward for a long time until we found one that we both thought looked professional and really pleasing to the eye, so at the end of a very long day that was mostly design work we were pleased with the look of it.

The next step is what has taken us the longest though. Again having never worked with WP, I didn't know that we would not be able to add the GFC widget, also I am pretty good at HTML but have NO CLUE what CSS is and how to work it. Plus when we looked at what WP charges to get a domain name plus other upgrades we decided that it would be cheaper to self-host. I have gotten a few quotes and the prices range from $75-$125 which sounds a bit steep when you consider that this blog only has 15 posts. But since this person will be installing the whole thing on  server and will even help us get some more pug ins installed, it's going to be worth paying to get it done just right. 

Now especially after seeing the downtime that Blogger had these past days I am glad that I did choose WP for this new blog. In fact I am hoping that we can get all three blogs moved over to a dedicated server soon. Having the blogs on dedicated server hosting will ensure that 2 days downtime does not happen again. Not only did we lose drafts and a few posts, but the whole thing was a big headache that I never wish to go through again. This will cost us some money to begin with, but I do think it will be very much worth it. Plus what better way to start of a really professional blog than to have the perfect platform and hosting, now all we need is the traffic!

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Gina said...

I love WordPress plugins too. A friend just got the Pick a Winner one and says it makes choosing a giveaway winner totally easy. One day when I start my blog I plan on using WP too. I hope you are able to move soon.

Janet said...

Thanks for the tip for the 'Pick a Winner' plugin!