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Five Summer Getaways All Kids Should Experience ~!

Summer is almost girls and Angel only have two more weeks and then they will be home for an entire summer. It's time for me to get to planning on some summer activities and getaways that we can do as a family this year. It's a bit tricky because we have the older girls who like to do certain things and then we have the three kids who like a whole other batch of things, plus there are a lot of things that my girls have already done that the kids have not yet. So it's all a balancing act, finding places to go where everyone will have a good time. These are the 5 things that in my opinion are must do's for all kids, and hopefully this summer my family and I will be able to do at least a few of them.

1. Weekend at the beach: I find that this is one of the most inexpensive things that we as a big family can do. We used to live near the beach before but now that we live farther away we make a bit production of planning a 2 night stay in San Diego. We stay near the beach and spend the entire time near the water, the food is relatively inexpensive and we can usually fit into two rooms so it's not that bad. This is the one trip that everyone enjoys no matter the age.

2. Disneyland: Every year we go to Anaheim to the two Disney parks. I think that every child in this world should experience the magic that is Disney, and we are lucky enough to live close enough to it to either drive there the same day or make a weekend of it.

3.Road trip: This has always been another really fun thing for us, especially when the girls were younger. Throw a few bags in the trunk and drive! When living in San Diego we used to go down the coast, stopping to eat in different places and staying at a few low priced motels. This is how we got to know so many cute little towns that we might have never known about if not for our road trips. 

4. Coronado weekend: We did this about 5 years ago and it's the one thing that we always say we have to do again. We grabbed the grandma and went off for a weekend to Coronado Island. This adorable town has the most beautiful beaches and so many things to do, we spent three days touring, eating and at the beach. This was only a 1 hour driving trip for us then and the most expensive thing was the room. Definitely a getaway that every kid should experience at least once in a lifetime. 

5. Museums!: My girls don't really enjoy this but the little kids do and I think visiting museums are something that all kids should get to do all their life if not just once. The Museum of Man, space and even art museums which are located everywhere. These trips are so educational for everyone. That way even though it's summer and they are not going to school, they will still get to learn some new things and even have a good time of it.

These are the five getaways that I recommend all kids should get to experience, and all of these are really budget friendly. As my girls get older and life moves on I am sure that our summer getaways will get bigger and more expensive but these are the things that we can do now and really look forward to every single year. 

What are some of the getaways that you have enjoyed and always look forward to or would love to do again?? 

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