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Are You Online As a Hobby or to Earn $$$?

Ever since I lost my job and ended up having to look for a way to earn income online I have tried many programs. But no matter what I have done, whether it's my marketing sites or now even the various blogs that I am involved in, it has NEVER been as a hobby. I know there are bloggers that do have the luxury to blog as a hobby, but for me it's about growing every month and getting more traffic so that I can earn money.

I have 5 kids, only one of them is grown enough to cover her own expenses, I also get a very limited amount of child support and help for my youngest. I need to make my own share of money so that everything else that the girls need can be purchased, anyone who has kids knows how much this can cost. This month we have already gone shopping for clothes, shoes and  extras. I also paid for the girls cell, gym membership and since it's only the beginning of the month, I have a long way to go. There will be movies, lunch trips, Friday night money, and more. 

My girls are actually really good, they never ask for more than they need. But it is my responsibility as mom to make sure they have spending money, that when they go out they have money in their pocket. So how do I do it? Sometimes I don't even know, my income fluctuates monthly and since January things online are really slow. My marketing sites are not making a lot, but they still take a lot of my time. 

Middle of last month I even decided that since they are not making as much money as the time I put in to step back a lot. I have hardly put any hours into them and asked my partner to cut back on expenses. It is silly to spend more on the darn sites than what we make right? Unfortunately for me, my partner works online as a hobby. She has extra money and loves to pour it into the sites, and if they don't make any money because expenses were so high then it does not worry her at all. She says that as long as she had fun, that was enough.

BUT I wasn't having fun! It's not fun for me to spend more than I make, and it's not fun for me to spend 9 hours a day marketing sites that are not making money. I have a life, I have kids, I have expenses. Time I use to sit there and market the sites is time I don't spend with my girls. Time I don't spend on me. I have communicated this in as many ways as I can, and she knows how tight it is for me. Yet, it falls on deaf ears and today it got me frustrated enough to write this. Because I am so upset that I have wasted so many hours of my life working so long and spent so much on something that I take so serious, so someone else can use them as a pawn in a game. To have fun.


Nikki said...

Most of what I do online is to earn money, or work towards someday earning money from it. I'm broke. Really broke. I can't find a job outside the home that pays enough to cover gas, clothes, and after-school childcare expenses. Writing is pretty much my only skill. So I bust my butt trying to make something of my blog so I can eventually make a little money off of it, and I pick up as many mediocre content gigs as I can (which sometimes feels like I'm selling my soul to the lowest bidder), but at least it's money, right?

Gina said...

Working with a partner is like living with a room mate, in the beginning it all seems good but as time passes people begin to disagree and that's where the problems begin. It seems to me that you need a partner that is in your situation, online to earn money. Not a person who wants to play and she should certainly not be playing with sites that are not all her own. She has to have respect that it is a business and treat it as such, a business that makes no money is not a business. I suggest you get rid of her fast.

MikiHope said...

I am online to ultimately make money for when I can no longer work as a bookkeeper. I can not spend as much time as I should probably, but as you say, I have bills that must be paid. I always seem to be spending more then I make and recently have begun to cut back on advertising. I am also thinking of downsizing my affilite site but I do make some money there because my job buys checks and ink from my sites!! One or two of my sites are finally catching on but it is a long, hard struggle. As for a partner--no--I will help friends and allow them to help me but an actual partner who spends my money unwisely--I don't think so!!

Misfit Momma aka Missy said...

I started my blog as a hobby, but would love to be able to turn it and my other sites into my main source of income.

My earnings have started going up, but no where close to what I would need to actually live of it. I'm working on a couple of new things that will hopefully change that in the coming months, though.

Good luck!