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Mi Vida Loca {My Crazy Life} Literally ~!

Crazy...yes our life has been crazy this year and this last weekend was no exception. Thursday I spent the day dealing with doctors appointments for one of the girls who had been getting a horrible pain right under her rib. She went to the dr and then to get an ultrasound, then the next day I found out that someone is using another one of the girls social security number for employment and who knows what else. I spent the rest of that day {Fri} calling the social security administration and trying to get a hold of someone at the 3 credit reporting agencies.  I never got a hold of anyone so now I have a HUGE list of things that have to be done in person and through the mail in order to get a credit alert on her social and take care of this situation. 

Finally Saturday arrived and I was still in bed planning all the things I had to get up on the blog because I missed Friday's I LUV MOM post because of the mess with the social, when I was told that we had to call the ambulance because my daughter could not breathe {this is the one that we had been going to the dr for}, so I had to get up check on her, call the ambulance and get ready in about 10 minutes. I spent the rest of the day at the ER and then getting her medication. Again I missed getting the daily post up and all three days I missed sending my contest tweets out. 

Saturday night though things got better as my sis and her kids who we have not seen in over a year arrived and we got ready to celebrate Easter. It was a really nice day, we had carne asada and huge baskets for all the kids. We had a hunt inside the house and everyone had a good old time. Right now they are all out shopping and will be leaving later on tonight so I can get back to work and concentrate on dealing with my daughters identity theft issue starting tomorrow. This is a really crappy deal...poor kid is only 15 and already someone has screwed with her social. My other daughter is fine, she has her medication and we have a follow up appt in a week. Hopefully...hopefully nothing else happens and I can get caught up here and everywhere else, life has just sent too many things our way lately.

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