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What about Mom?

My moms life has never been an easy one, and as she got older it was so hard to watch her begin to struggle to do her daily activities. First it was driving, she became a road hazard...really. She would hold on tight to the wheel and drive straight without turning to the sides to watch the road around her. Eventually she got in an accident and soon after my sisters and I had to talk to her about not driving anymore. Reluctantly she agreed...but that was only the beginning.

Soon after she got the first of her two strokes, this is when it got worse. Her right side never recovered...this was life altering and left us asking ourselves what we were going to do. We talked about nursing homes of course but she was only 65 back then and still functioned okay, as long as she was checked in on. So we got her into an apartment in a seniors community, she had a beautiful one bedroom apartment and she lived a very peaceful life there for some years. She lived right next to a grocery store so she could do her shopping and she was close by so that we could all pop in a few times a week to make sure she was fine. 

It would have really been ideal to keep her there as it was a really nice place but I had moved over an hour and a half away and my sisters were not going to see her. I would struggle to get off of work and go to see her and still drive home, sometimes arriving after all the girls were in bed. There were days that I just could not stop by and the stress of knowing she was alone and no one was checking in or helping her to get her medicines and taking her to the doctor became too much. I decided to bring mom to live with us, a decision I knew would be hard on my girls and hard on my mom, but it had to be done.

My mom is 73 now and she's been with us for four years. I would love to say it's all perfect and happy but it's stressful a lot too. She has always been a bit grumpy and living with her is not easy as I am sure that living with us is not exactly the greatest for her either. As she gets older she is also beginning to forget things, gets really sick at times and needs a lot of looking after. I know that at some point I might have to look into elder care for her or maybe a nursing home. For now though I am just glad she's with us. When I go to bed at night, I know my mom is safe and sound and I am able to sleep better knowing this.

I am participating in the “What about Mom & Dad” campaign by AvalonHCI.com I received compensation to facilitate this post. However, the views and opinions are my own.

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Michelle said...

What a wonderful daughter you are! Your family is lucky to have you.