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In the last seven months I have come to love shopping online and find myself surfing the web almost daily looking for deals so I can buy my girls all the stuff they need. Between make-up, clothes, shoes, and the rest of the household needs we spend a lot of money. So the most important thing I have learned about online shopping is, use a coupon code! Can you believe that I used to just hit the buy button before, without even searching for a coupon to help me save some extra cash? Not anymore, now I will not buy unless I have an extra promotion code or coupon and this allows my budget to stretch further, which these days and with this economy, is so important.

PromotionCode.Org is a site that makes the search for promo codes and coupons a breeze. All you do is type in the store you are looking for and your results immediately pop up showing you a listing of codes for that store. You will have your pick of promo codes that actually show the last date that they were verified plus you are allowed to provide feed back and let them know if the code worked for your or not. If you have a code that is not listed you are also able to add it in, so that others can take advantage of it too. Didn't find a store you were looking to add a code for? You can add that store in yourself!

I really like how fast it is to get into the site, find the promo code that works best, and move on to the shopping. I also love that the codes have been verified so that you don't waste time thinking you are scoring a great deal only to find you have a dead code. Possibly the best feature for me is the codes by emailwhere you sign up to have them send you codes for the  store you need, daily or weekly. That for me is a real time saver. 

Today I need to stock up on some make-up for the girls and happen to have a gift card for Ulta. A quick search of promo codes and coupons on PromotionCode.Org and I have two that I really like. I can spend $50 and save $10 or I can spend $10 and save $3.50, as you can see, I can spend a little or alot and still will be saving money.

PromotionCode.Org is a site that I can definitely see myself taking advantage of alotAs it grows and becomes more popular, we will be treated to even more savings, and I can't wait for that. If you have a store I recommend you stop over and add yourself to the store directory, it's a great way to expose yourself to many new consumers. 

This is a sponsored post brought to you by PromotionCode.Org, all opinions expressed are my own.

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